Credit Report Widgets / Summary Snapshot

All credit reports on CreditorWatch include a summary of information about the data represented on the page.  This information should be used as an easy way to glance over to find any relevant issues that could be worth looking at.  In the example below, you can see what widget information is available on most reports.

If you have integrated with a supported accounting package such as Xero or MYOB, another row of widgets will appear on credit reports that exist within your accounting package and have a valid ABN or ACN associated with them.

All the widgets are clickable if more information is available.

Positive and Negative States

When looking at the information represented in the summary widgets, a report has two states which are either positive (represented with a green tick) or a potential negative state (represented with numbered data) both states have been represented below.  The example shown shows when no registered defaults are found and when registered defaults are found, to highlight the difference of positive and negative states.

Credit Score States

Credit scores have 3 potential states which are:-

  • Purchase or use free quota 

  • Processing state

  • Completed state.  

Each of these states are shown below for illustrative purposes.

Entity Health States

There are a range of states shown in the entity status widget the most common status' that will be seen will either be:-

  • Active or registered entity

  • Under external administration

  • Cancelled or deregistered entity.

Cross Directorships States

Cross directorships have 4 states, which are

  • Not Available for this entity 

  • Loading State

  • No Directorships found

  • Directorships found

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