CreditorWatch is a cost effective step to take prior to engaging a lawyer for debt recovery. Our customers can use the information and tools provided to them on CreditorWatch to assist with the debt collection. 

If a debtor is slow to pay their invoice, arm yourself with information. Review their credit profile and choose to add them to your Customer List and to receive 24/7 monitoring of their activity. You'll receive an email when adverse information occurs.

CreditorWatch provides letter templates with our logo which can assist through every stage of the collection process. If the debtor has still not offered payment, you can advise them that you will register a payment default against them and that the payment default will remain on their profile for 5 years.   

If the debtor has still not paid, then you can show how you've used CreditorWatch to assist your efforts in collecting debt when you call on a debt collector and court actions. 

Learn more on how you can use CreditorWatch:

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