Step 1

To add a business to your Customer List, simply login to your account. From the dashboard menu, select 'Customer List.' 

Step 2

From the 'Customer List' page, select the 'Add & Remove Customers' widget. 

Step 3

Follow the guided steps in the Customer List Manager. Select 'Add Customers'

Step 4 

Select how you would like to add customers to your customer list 

Searching by Name, ABN, or ACN will pull up a list of businesses.  Click on the green 'Monitor' button to add to your list

Copy & Paste ABNs and/or ACNs of a business into the box and click 'Add Customers'

If you have a large number of businesses that you wish to monitor, upload a CSV file. The CSV file must contain your customer's ABN/ACN and an optional account ID

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