DebtorLogic Plus helps you to better understand the risk a customer or supplier presents to your business by looking at how they pay their bills across the market. Deteriorating payment behaviour is the lead indicator that a debtor is in financial difficulty, which may provide an early warning of a default or court action.

DebtorLogic Plus allows you to append a Credit Score and Payment Predictor to all of your customers so that you can review how they are paying other suppliers. This will enable you to respond to changing payment trends, stay on top of payment terms and prioritise your collections.

In addition, DebtorLogic Plus summarises outstanding payments into easy to read graphs so that you can visually identify trends that need to be addressed. The program also flags high-risk debtors in relation to outstanding payments and reveals adverse information such as: ABN/CAN changes, winding up notices, mercantile enquiries, court actions, cross directorships, changes to credit scores.

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Accessing DebtorLogic Plus

Login to your account and select DebtorLogic Plus from the top menu of the dashboard. 

Next, upload your ATB list for an instant report. 

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