CreditorWatch offers values debt collection tools to assist your recovery of bad debt. 

Letter Templates

Generate a variety of formal and professional letter templates for every stage of the collections process.

  • Welcome letter

  • Accepted payment methods

  • Payment overdue notice

  • Final notice

  • Letter of demand

  • 30, 60 and 90 day reminder notices

All customised templates include CreditorWatch branding, a powerful third-party endorsement to strengthen your payment requests.

Attach the CreditorWatch logo to your invoices:
Attaching a CreditorWatch logo to invoices and statements has shown to increase the chance of receiving a payment by 53% and reduced payment time to 7 days. 

Register payment defaults
Let your slow and non-paying customers know that you take debt seriously. Registering a payment default will warn other businesses about poor payment behaviour. This is a useful tool that encourages your customers to pay you faster.

How to access you debt collection tools

Login to your account and select 'Debt Collection Tools' from the top menu 

This will take you to your debt collection dashboard where you will find widgets that will generate various debt collection letters, notices and reminders.  

Example: Welcome New Customer Letter  

Click on the 'Welcome New Customer' widget. From there follow the letter generator steps. 

Click confirm details and your letter will download.  

Download the CreditorWatch logo
From the Debt Collection tools dashboard,  click on 'Membership Logo' to download our logo. 

Watch the videos to learn more about CreditorWatch Debt Collection Tools 

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