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PPSRLogic is a new innovative platform which has been created on the basis of making the PPSR experience easier for customers. It identified many areas of complexity with PPSR and in turn, addressed these concerns, providing a better experience for customers.

There was a need for a simple registration process. PPSRLogic is very easy to navigate and registrations can be completed across one page with one click. In addition, templates can be created. Registrations can be uploaded in bulk and amended, without the need to start a registration from scratch.

The PPSRLogic portal can be integrated with ApplyEasy, CreditorWatch’s online credit application. In addition, PPSRLogic can help to identify missing or incorrect information such as ABNs, ACNs, grantor details, addresses and more. This fills in the gap for party identification and functionality.

PPSRLogic allows you to import existing registrations and receive alerts for which registrations are about to expire soon or which ones you need to amend. This fills in the gap for complex search results and crucial timing.

In addition to the product, CreditorWatch has its very own PPSR Specialist who can answer many questions. CreditorWatch also has loads of supportive content available from webinars, to a PPSR blog series, to a terminology infographic put together by Ledlin Lawyers. 

CreditorWatch also works closely with PPSAdvisory. This fills in the gap for terminology and lack of support.

Benefits of PPSRLogic with CreditorWatch:

  • Best in Class Technology – CreditorWatch offers a simple and streamlined solution to suit all businesses.

  • Bulk Registration – Save time! Provide a list of ACNs and ABNs and register multiple personal property interests at once!

  • Renewal Reminders – Ensure you never miss a renewal. This is useful for when securities have been registered for different terms and across different dates.

  • Tools to Manage Registration – Tools will allow you to see what registrations are current as well as discharge or amend registrations.

  • Competitive Rates – CreditorWatch prides itself on making important services like the PPSR affordable for companies of all sizes.

  • Compliance and accuracy – Register, amend and renew correctly

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