How can Portfolio Health Check assist with your credit management process?

  • Provides a clear and updated review of new and existing accounts

  • Identifies missing ABN’s and ACN’s

  • Prepares data for any possible new CRM/ERP integrations and modifications

  • Validates your customers’ credit status and highlights risks

  • Meets Trade Credit Insurance requirements

  • Documents due diligence on current customers

  • Prepares files for PPSR lodgement or renewal

It is recommended that Portfolio Health Check are performed annually.
For more information about our Portfolio Health Check and to get set up, enquire with your account manager today.

The Benefits of Conducting a Portfolio Health Check:

  • Know the types of entities you are dealing with when conducting business

  • Proactively identify customer changes and possible risks

  • Update and sync your database

Portfolio Health Check Output and Analytics:

The Portfolio Health Check analysis is presented in a report and summarises the enhanced data to provide additional insights with powerful visuals for easy presentation.
Some key areas that are covered in the analysis are:

  • Data clusters and segments within your database

  • The data matching strategy to ASIC and ABR

  • A snapshot of entities with adverse data present

  • A breakdown of each adverse risk factor

  • Segments that present significant adverse data

  • Next steps that should be considered

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