How Does the Ultimate Beneficial Owner’s Report Work:

While identifying a beneficial owner appears daunting, CreditorWatch customers will have the opportunity to download a UBO report from their dashboard. With the click of a button, our software will scan through ASIC reports, calculate ownership percentages and display the beneficial owner(s). In turn, you’re left with a clean, easy to read PDF report output that you can store on file.

This report increases efficiency, keeps you organised, reduces cost and saves time. It’s a simple way to comply with regulations and provides easy reference. It only makes sense to obtain a UBO through your CreditorWatch dashboard.

  • CreditorWatch customers can download the UBO report straight from their dashboard

  • With the click of a button, CreditorWatch will do all of the hard work and research for you

  • Various reports and data will be processed and compiled into an easy to read PDF report

  • Review identification information and assess AML/CTF risk

  • Easily determine the identity of the beneficial owner(s) of you non-individual customers

  • The report is an organised and easy to assess record to keep on file

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