42 Minutes


This is our second webinar, part of a three part series on PPSR. Hosted by Terry Ledlin of Ledlin Lawyers and CreditorWatch in-house PPSR Specialist, Paul Mead. 'PPSR: Getting it Right' will cover the common difficulties faced by businesses and credit managers when registering, such as selecting the wrong registration types and not appropriately describing your collateral.

What's Covered

  • How to register on the PPSR

  • The importance of registering correctly

  • Common mistakes made when registering

  • What is so important about January 2019 and what you should be doing now

  • Whether you should look at reviewing and changing your terms now

  • Whether you should amend or renew your registrations ahead of the January 2019 deadline

  • Webinar Slides: https://online.creditorwatch.com.au/rs/713-FXI-767/images/CreditorWatch Presentation - PPSR Getting It Right.pdf

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