27 Minutes


We showcase our Payment Predictor upgrade, Auto Purchasing and our new UBO Reports

What's Covered

  • Payment Predictor Upgrade: Using our increased our ANZSIC industry data, you can now see how a company pays compared to its industry.

  • Auto-Purchasing: Ideal for users who regularly purchase ASIC extracts, credit scores or payment predictors. We’ll show you how you can automate this process, saving you significant time.

  • Custom credit reports: Pick and choose what data elements you want to appear in a credit report.

  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner: Satisfy KYC & AML requirements with our new UBO report. Identify the individuals who have the ultimate control of a company.

  • Webinar Slides: https://online.creditorwatch.com.au/rs/713-FXI-767/images/Webinar_Enhancing Your Credit Reports.pdf

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