What is the Payment Predictor?

In today's uncertain economic climate it is important to understand as much about your customers as possible.

Our Payment Predictor displays the average number of days overdue that a debtor typically pays their bills, this will help you quickly identify customers that represent a risk to your business and cashflow.

Payment Predictor (Pre Purchase)

Prior to retrieving a prediction, you will be presented with a message outlining what information is included when you retrieve the prediction.  Predictions will either be purchased or retrieve by using a free inclusion from your plan.  The message will look similar to the image below.

Payment Predictor (Post Purchase)

Once retrieved, the prediction shall show a processing state, then change to a final state (as shown in the image below).  Information presented includes:-

  • Expected average of payment days
  • Expected payment range
  • Historical information of data that we have on file
  • A statistical breakdown of the past 12 months including:-
  • Average balance
  • Average overdue
  • Highest credit exposure - single, combined and overdue individually
  • Number of trade lines 

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